GLHC Competition Divisions

Team Competition *New Event*

This event will be open to groups of five or more dancers.  Each team will consist of a minimum of 5 dancers (there is no maximum). Teams will choreograph their own performance to a piece of music of their choice.  Solo dancing, partnered dancing, or a combination of the two are all permissible. The team will be judged on the execution (skill) of their dancing, as well as their choreography, musicality and entertainment value.  As a bonus, dancers are permitted to compete as members of more than one team.

Jack and Jill All Stars

This event is open to any dancer that has placed top 3 in any previous GLHC event. It will follow the regular format for the Jack and Jill (see below). If you have not finished top 3 at a previous GLHC event but feel you may qualify in another capacity (ie placed top 3 at another competition overseas) please email paulneary@galwayswing.com with relative information for consideration.

Jack and Jill

With the exception of past Jack and Jill winners, this event is open to everyone and anyone of any level to jump in and have some fun. In a Jack and Jill dancers are judged on their ability to lead/follow. Dancers will be expected to dance swing. You will not know who your partner is until you are on the dancefloor. It’s completely random!!

Past winners of this event are ineligible to enter, however we strongly encourage you to enter the ‘Jack and Jill All-Stars’ event (see above)

Heats: Your partners will be determined randomly. You will dance to 2 tracks, of various tempos in an all-skate – with a different partner each time. You will be judged individually.

Final: For the final, dancers will be randomly assigned a partner and dance a non-judged all-skate warm-up, followed by a spotlight – 2 phrases per spotlight, and finishing with a judged all-skate. You will be judged as a couple.

Up & Coming

This event is only available to those who began swing dancing AFTER September, 2013. It’s a great opportunity for eager and promising new dancers to get out there and strut their stuff. You must enter as a couple and dance swing (see definition below). You don’t need to worry about spotlights or phrase by phrase formats; everyone will dance on the floor together in an all-skate. Get out there and have some fun!  BPM Range: 140 to 160 bpm

Format: All-Skate.

Open Lindy Hop

For all swing dance lovers. This event is open to dancers of all levels and should incorporate a predominance of Lindy Hop, Charleston and 6 count steps. BPM Range: 150 to 190 bpm

Format: Heats will be run as an all-skate format.

Final will run as ‘Spotlight’ – 2 phrases per spotlight, with each couple having an equal number of spotlights, then all-skate.


This is an exciting division for couples to assert their creativity by choreographing their own routine to the music of their choosing. Swing styles are assumed and content MUST be predominantly partnered dancing (as opposed to solo).

Routine length: Maximum of 4 minutes

Format: Performance order will be chosen at random

Solo Charleston

It’s solo, it’s Charleston! Using a phrase-by-phrase format competitors will bust it out with their best 20’s and 30’s Charleston moves. Depending on the number of competitors, there may be the need for heats and a final. The crazier, the better!


All skate: Where all couples in an event/heat dance on the floor at the same time.

Spotlight: Where one couple at a time takes the floor to dance on their own for a set time or number of phrases.

Phrase by phrase: A Jam format where each couple takes turns to perform solo for a set number of phrases and spotlights. Couples keep rotating through until they have all had the correct number of spotlights. i.e. 1 phrase is equal to 4 x 8’s (Jazz phrasing). Two phrases are equal to 8 x 8’s (Jazz phrasing).

Swing: Any dance style that falls into the 20s/30s/40s ‘swing era’ i.e. Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Shag etc.