GLHC 2015 Results

What a weekend!

We would like to congratulate all of the competitors that brought their energy and talent to the floor at this year’s Galway Lindy Hop Championships.  The crowd loved every second of the competition.  Below are the results from this year.  Photos and videos will be coming soon so keep an eye on Facebook, YouTube, and our honour roll page!

Solo Charleston

1st – Laura Hicks

2nd – Thomas Shanahan

3rd – Scott Magowan

Open Lindy Hop

1st – Pete Grange and Steph Kokay

2nd – Patrick McNicol and Laura Hicks

3rd – James Smith and Christina Barfoot

Jack and Jill All Stars

1st – Thomas Shanahan and Laura Hicks

2nd – Scott Magowan and Sarah McHugh

3rd – Mathieu Ridel and Naomi Magowan

Open Jack and Jill

1st – Scott Magowan and Laura Hicks

2nd – James Smith and Helen Forsyth

3rd – Martyn Nelson and Jessica Alcalde


1st – The Skyliners

2nd – The Dipsy Doodles

3rd – The High Tide Hot Steppers

Well done everyone and we can’t wait to see you all for GLHC 2016,

Your GLHC Team

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