GLHC 2015 – New Divisions and Format

Galway Lindy Hop Championships 2015 – New Divisions and Registration Information

We are delighted to announce changes to this year’s Galway Lindy Hop Championships that we hope will encourage people to both take part and to help each other work toward their individual and collective goals.

New Divisions

As announced in December, GLHC 2015 will take place during the Galway Lindyfest event (April 10-12). In an exciting development, we are expanding the 2015 competition to include a ‘Teams Event’. This event will be open to groups of five or more dancers, and we hope that those that would like to compete but have been perhaps a little anxious about it in the past will be encouraged to do so as part of a team.

As mentioned, each team will consist of a minimum of 5 dancers (there is no maximum). Teams will choreograph their own performance to a piece of music of their choice. Solo dancing, partnered dancing, or a combination of the two are all permissible. The team will be judged on the execution (skill) of their dancing, as well as their choreography, musicality and entertainment value.

As a bonus, dancers are permitted to compete as members of more than one team, so if you have two groups of friends vying for your participation, you don’t have to choose, you’ll just get twice as much opportunity to practice.

The Teams Event is an addition to divisions already in place – Open Lindy Hop, Showcase, Solo Charleston, Jack and Jill, Jack and Jill All Stars and Up and Coming. See our divisions page for more info.

New Format

This years event will also take place over two nights (pending suitable numbers of participants), so this should make each night of the competition shorter, allowing for more social dancing and enabling the addition of live music to what has been a highly successful event over the past three years.

Registration for GLHC 2015 will open on Saturday January 24th 2015.

We look forward to welcoming you all to this, the 4th Galway Lindy Hop Championships!

Paul and The GLHC Team


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