GLHC By The Numbers

The Galway Lindy Hop Championships have opened with a bang and experienced two

The Dipsy Doodles GLHC 2013
The Dipsy Doodles GLHC 2013

wonderful, entertaining years. The diversity of dancers, the enthusiasm with which they have approached these Championships, and the willingness for dancers to use them as a springboard to work and practice hard on their dancing, is reflected in some surprising figures, which show a huge percentage of dancers have enjoyed some success here – and that no one dancer has ever truly dominated the event. We are exceedingly proud to see such wide-ranging results, rewarding so many different dancers both nationally and internationally.  So here it is GLHC by the numbers ..

The Raw Numbers

In the two years since its inception, the Galway Lindy Hop Championships have been contested by over 80 dancers from a number of different cities and countries. A total of 52 trophies (trophies awarded to top three placegetters in each event) and a total of 18 Champions trophies have been handed out in this time. A total of 33 DIFFERENT dancers have earned these 52 ‘placed’ trophies, and the 18 1st place trophies have been handed out to a staggering 16 different dancers. That’s a whole lot of hard work and determination there in itself.

The Multiple Champs

Only two dancers have won multiple events at the Galway Lindy Hop Championships, and only one has won an event in each year. Eamonn O’Sullivan has been crowned ‘Jack and Jill’ Champion (as a leader) in both 2012 (dancing with Fiona O’Toole) and 2013 (with Marta Martinho). Joining him with two first place awards is the only person to win two titles in the same year – Scott MacGowan, who in 2013 won both the Solo Charleston competition and the Open Lindy Hop competition with his partner Naomi MacGowan.

Bringing Home The Bacon 

Sarah Crawford and Laura Hicks GLHC 2013
Sarah Crawford and Laura Hicks GLHC 2013

Eamonn O’Sullivan not only shares the record for the most number of titles won, but he also shares the record for the most number of trophies taken home altogether. To go with his two Jack and Jill titles, Eamonn has also taken second placed trophies in the 2013 Showcase and Open Lindy Hop  divisions, both times dancing with his partner, Lisa Mullee. Sharing his record of four trophies is Sarah McHugh, who in 2012 took second place in the Showcase Division (dancing as a lead with her partner, Ger McDarby) and third in the Jack and Jill (with Shane O’Malley). In 2013 Sarah again took third in the Jack and Jill, this time dancing with Eoin Dillon, and third in the Solo Charleston behind Scott MacGowan and Laura Knight. Sarah remains the only dancer to have been awarded trophies for dancing as BOTH a lead and a follow (as well as a ‘Solo Charleston’ trophy for good measure).

Two dancers have won a total of three trophies – Sarah Mullens, who had an amazing 2012 event by winning the Open Lindy Hop title with Bobb Crosbie and taking second place in both the Jack and Jill (with Freddie Tinumpet as lead) and Solo Charleston events. Joining Sarah with three trophies is Eoin Dillon, who in 2012 came second in both the ‘Up and Coming’ and ‘Showcase Divisions’, dancing each event with the Texan, Sarah Crawford. In 2013 Eoin backed up his 2012 achievements by taking home third place in the Jack and Jill (Sarah McHugh as partner).

The Dominators 

Brendan and Tracey GLHC 2012
Brendan and Tracey GLHC 2012

Sarah Mullens three trophies in 2012 (one 1st and two seconds) was clearly the dominant performance of that years event. In 2013, the competition amongst the men brought two dancers to the fore – Eamonn O’Sullivan with his three trophies (one 1st and two seconds) and Scott MacGowan, who won just the two trophies, but of course both of them being for first place.

The Safe Bets

No pressure, of course, but a total of five dancers have been awarded trophies in each of the first two years the competition has run. Already mentioned have been Eamonn O’Sullivan, Sarah McHugh and Eoin Dillon. Joining them with one trophy in each year is Ger McDarby, who was the follow to Sarah McHughs lead when they were runners-up in the Showcase Division in 2012, and who also was the third place-getter in the Open Lindy Division in 2013 dancing with the other member of the ‘safe bets’ gang, Shane O’Malley, who also placed third in the 2012 ‘Jack and Jill’ with Sarah McHugh.

For a look at the full results from the past two years and links to the videos, check out our Honour Roll.