About The Night

GLHC Competition

 We are proud this year to be hosting the event in the Clybaun Hotel, on April 10th and 11th.  More details on the 2015 event coming soon.

Doors will open early and spectators and competitors alike are welcome to come on in and have a dance.

Provisionally, the competition will start at 8.30pm with the order of events to be finalised. The competition will kick off with an introduction of our all-knowing, all-seeing judges, followed by heats (if required) of the various disciplines, with the finals for each event held at the very end of the schedule.

During the course of proceedings, we will take a break so you can catch our ‘half-time’ show, featuring a number of entertainment pieces headlined by our guest judges/instructors.

Once the competition is completed, the social element of the night once again takes over before we turn to the glamour part of the evening – the awards ceremony – during which we can show our appreciation for all those brave enough to compete and award place-getters in each event their hard-earned trophies.